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IS 456:2000

IS 456 : 2000 , The Holy Book For Indian Civil engineers

(Plain and Reinforced Concrete Code of Practice)


                                        Section 1 General

1) Scope
2) References
3) Terminology
4) Symbols

                         Section 2  Materials, workmanship, Inspection and Testing

5) Materials
6) Concrete
7) Workability of  concrete 
8) Durability of concrete
9) Concrete Mix Proportioning
10) Production Of Concrete
11) Formwork
12) Assembly Of Reinforcement 
13) Transporting, placing, compaction, and Curing
14) Concrete Under special Conditions
15) sampling and Strength of Designed concrete mix
16) Acceptance Criteria
17) Inspection an Testing of structure 

                Section 3 General Design Consideration

18) Bases for Design
19) Loads and Forces
20) Stability of the Structure 
21) Fire Resistance 
22) Analysis
23) Beams
24) Solid Slabs
25) Compression Members
26) Requirements Governing Reinforcement and Detailing
27) Expansion Joints

  Section 4 Special design Requirements For Structural Members And Systems

28) Concrete  Corbels
29) Deep Beams
30) Ribbed, Hollow Block or Voided Slab
31) Flat Slabs
32) Walls
33) Stairs
34) Footings

Section 5 Structural Design(limit state method)

35) Safety and Serviceability Requirements 
36) Characteristics And design Values and Partial Safety Factors
37) Analysis
38) Limit State of Collapse: Flexure
39) Limit State of Collapse Compression
40) Limit State of Collapse Shear 
41) Limit State of Collapse Torsion
42) Limit State of Serviceability :Deflection
43) Limit state of Serviceability : Cracking

ANNEX A: List Of Referred Indian Standards

ANNEX B: Structural Design (WSM)

ANNEX C: Calculation Of Deflection

ANNEX D: Slabs Spanning In Two Directions

ANNEX E: Effective Length Of Columns

ANNEX F: Calculation of Crack Width

ANNEX G: Moments OF Resistance For Rectangular and T-sections

ANNEX H: Committee Composition 

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