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Types Of Cement

Types Of Cement

(a) Ordinary Portland Cement
               (i ) Ordinary Portland Cement 33 Grade– IS 269: 1989
              (ii ) Ordinary Portland Cement 43 Grade– IS 8112: 1989
              (iii ) Ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade– IS 12269: 1987
(b) Rapid Hardening Cement – IS 8041: 1990
(c) Extra Rapid Hardening Cement – –
(d) Sulphate Resisting Cement – IS 12330: 1988
(e) Portland Slag Cement – IS 455: 1989
(f ) Quick Setting Cement – –
(g) Super Sulphated Cement – IS 6909: 1990
(h) Low Heat Cement – IS 12600: 1989
(j ) Portland Pozzolana Cement – IS 1489 (Part I) 1991 (fly ash based) – IS 1489 (Part II) 1991 (calcined clay based)
(k) Air Entraining Cement   – –
(l ) Coloured Cement: White Cement – IS 8042: 1989
(m) Hydrophobic Cement – IS 8043: 1991
(n) Masonry Cement – IS 3466: 1988
(o) Expansive Cement   – –
(p) Oil Well Cement – IS 8229: 1986
(q) Rediset Cement   – –
(r ) Concrete Sleeper grade Cement – IRS-T 40: 1985
(s) High Alumina Cement – IS 6452: 1989
(t) Very High Strength Cement   – –

ASTM Classification

Before we discuss the above cements, for general information, it is necessary to see how
Portland cement are classified under the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials)
standards. As per ASTM, cement is designated as Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V and
other minor types like Type IS, Type IP and Type IA IIA and IIIA.

Type I

For use in general concrete construction where the special properties specified for Types
II, III, IV and V are not required (Ordinary Portland Cement).

Type II

For use in general concrete construction exposed to moderate sulphate action, or where moderate heat of hydration is required.

Type III

For use when high early strength is required (Rapid Hardening Cement).

Type IV

For use when low heat of hydration is required (Low Heat Cement).

Type V

For use when high sulphate resistance is required (Sulphate Resisting Cement). ASTM standard also have cement of the type IS. This consist of an intimate and uniform blend of Portland Cement of type I and fine granulated slag. The slag content is between 25 and 70 per cent of the weight of Portland
Blast-Furnace Slag Cement.

Type IP

This consist of an intimate and uniform blend of Portland Cement (or Portland Blast
Furnace Slag Cement) and fine pozzolana in which the pozzolana content is between 15 and 40 per cent of the weight of the total cement.

Type IA, IIA and IIIA

These are type I, II or III cement in which air-entraining agent is interground where airentrainment
in concrete is desired.


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