Friday, 30 January 2015


Stations and Yards

   Railway Station:- 
“ It is the selected place on a railway line, where trains halt for one or more of the following purposes”

*Exchange of passengers
*For exchange of goods
*For overtaking 
*For detaching engines and staff

Classification of Railway Stations:
Operational Classification
i) Block Stations 
ii) Non Block Stations
iii) Special Class Stations

Functional Classification
i) Non- Junction or way side stations
ii) Junction Station 
iii) Terminal Station

Site Selection for Railway Station:-
For selecting the site for railway stations following factors should be considered.
1)Adequate land
2)Level area with good drainage
4)Easy  accessibility
5)Water  supply arrangement

Station Yard:-
 A system of tracks laid usually on a level within defined limits,
 for receiving,
For  storing,
For making up new trains
For dispatch of vehicles
 For other purposes over which movements are not authorized by a time table

Layouts of station yards:-
2)Flag Station
3)Crossing Stations
4)Junction Stations
5)Terminal Stations

Types of Yards:-
1)Passenger bogie Yards
2)Goods yards
3)Marshalling Yards

Passenger Bogie Yard :
Passenger Bogie Yard Provides facilities for the safe movement of passengers and vehicles for the use of passengers.

Goods Yard:
Goods Yard Provides facilities for receiving, loading and un loading, delivery of goods and the movement of goods vehicles.

Marshalling Yard :
Marshalling Yard Is one where trains and other loads are received, sorted out and new trains are formed and dispatched onwards to their destinations.

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